Friday, May 14, 2010

As the crystal turns...

What can I say? It's early morning and my title sounded good to me, I thought it was a tad funny as well. I've been meaning to post pictures as you can see for a while now. However today I'm simply posting and pictures are coming soon. The other night I visited a wonderful old antique market here in Indy that is more on the artsy side, it is held in an old warehouse on the outskirts of downtown. I've always seen it from the freeway and wanted to go, so finally I did, all by my lonesome. No worries though, even by myself it was a lovely trip.

There were two floors worth of different booths containing everything you can imagine. For the most part the prices were above what I could afford or would want to spend currently. However some things were on sale or just the right price. Later on I do hope to splurge a bit, there was a display full of wonderful vintage aprons. However I settled for picking up four yards of pink gingham for $3.50, I was definitely happy to take that off their hands, lol. I came away with a gorgeous green genie style glass decanter with stopper for $6, can't wait to post a pic of it. Also I picked up a lovely old dish towel that is white with a gold edging about an inch or two thick at the bottom, very pretty in its' simplicity and subdued coloring. There was a very pretty cream colored oval serving dish made of china with a pretty pink flower theme to it, it has a crack in it but it's gorgeous all the same.

That's all I can remember from that trip, there were some lovely furniture pieces there as well as iron flower boxes that I like to think were to die for. And of course my week would not be complete without at least one if not multiple trips to my Goodwill. And last night was a wonderful find, a gorgeous pink pillowcase of pink and purple flowers, I'm thinking it will look perfect in moderation next to the gingham for an apron, especially with some rick rack thrown in. Also a lovely cream ceramic candle holder that had just the right amount of flirty edges for my dining room, and a lovely two foot tall metal calendabra that will definitely need a transforming coat of spray paint. Although I'm still a bit undecided on the color, I'm thinking to start with a creamy white with an emphasis on the cream part. Well folks that's all for now!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

In with the new and out with the old...

At the rate that I browse my Goodwill stores, it will be a neverending fight to take pictures of all the items I collect. However to get a better idea of the dishware that I've bought, I've taken pictures. There are some items recently that I haven't had a chance to take pictures of yet. I did want to post hopefully pictures of what I do have.

Last night was a wonderful treasure hunt at my Goodwill in Greenfield where my kids live. I scoped it out the night before and lo and behold most of what I wanted was still there ready for the taking. So after talking to the store manager and him giving me a list of all Goodwill stores in the Indianapolis area. He was very helpful, people there are very nice, I definitely recommend a visit to this location and they usually have some cute teacups.

Quickly I plucked up two adorable ceramic cupcake holders that yes look like cupcakes. Now in the end I may wish I had kept them. But alas the pretty little cupcakes will be given away. One I plan to put in a swap package. I am completely new to swaps, I heard about the concept recently on the internet through another blog. The other I think that I may very well hold a contest for. To include other little goodies to go with it of course. And like a ray of sunshine it occurred to me that the perfect way to hold a contest once I get enough readers would be to have a Where In The World Is My Cupcake? theme. I'm sure most of you if not all remember the Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? well essentially this will be the same. Soon I'll figure out the specifics on the details etc. but that will soon once I get closer to have a prize package set up.

Also I think maybe a good time to do that would be once I hit so many readers would be ideal.

Now to change tracks on you, yesterday while browsing my Goodwill store, I picked up a "lovely" old glass lamp. It has the most funkiest shape, it's a amber colored glass lamp. Once it's cleaned up and yes I will be spray painting the lamp hopefully a robin's egg blue for my living room, it will be gorgeous. Also I picked up a fairly old embroidered picture, it's quite lovely but not my cup of tea. I hope to restore and then go from there, maybe I can do a bidding on it with the proceeds going to charity. I also picked up a lovely metal two tier snack tray that I plan to paint and do other lovely things to. I'll make sure to get some good before and after picks. And now it is time for me to sign off.

Vivere Senza Rimpianti!

And so the Phoenix rises...

As written on Easter.....

Today is Easter, the kids and I spent it coloring eggs, treasure hunting, and just having fun. It was enjoyable the sun was shining, it was warm out, and it was just us 3 Musketeers. One for all and all for one! We have created a tradition last year. Instead of an easter egg hunt, we do an easter egg treasure hunt. Where the kids follow the eggs and at the end is the treasure i.e. their easter baskets.

After dropping off the kids at their dads'. I decided to review all the stuff I bought for when the kids and I get our own home again. So I took pictures after spending a little while unwrapping it all. Of course it took me more time to repack it all. But I packed it all nice and tight with tape and newspaper. Unfortunately one of my glasses broke from being in the back of my car. Luckily it was one of the many things I bought from Goodwill. And I can easily replace later on. I did get to confirm that I have plenty and lol I do mean plenty of saucers. Some of the pieces I hope to eventually put in my Etsy store which is currently a work in progress. I simply can't wait to see how it all ends up. Although I'm driving myself crazy with my doubts on the colors I've chosen. I can't decide if I should paint my dining room table a light green or pink. Although I've decided that my dining room shall be pink and green but with other colors thrown in. I'll probably have to come back through and add pics later on.

Guess what it's time for some pics!

Some of the many saucers, plates, and other glassware I picked up for the kitchen/dining room...Plus the blue mug is one of my favorite tea mugs currently.

I love the green jar, however it is currently missing its' lid. And the box with the flowers on it is pretty a little subdued but I was drawn to it.

I just love the blue and purple flowers on these dishes, these were from My Goodwill.

Such a lovely little birdy especially with the flower on his head. He seems to love my blue dish. I have no clue why...

The large white dish I have an idea for, I saw on another blog how someone attached a pretty plate to it by drilling matching holes in the middle and made it into a clock. I've yet to decide what plate will go on it. Nor what room it will end up in.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Home away from home...

Hopefully this will be the first of many posts. I find myself currently living in a home away from home. Staying with my best friend while I get divorced. Slowly buying my way through almost every Goodwill here in Indianapolis. Wanting desperately to have a home already to decorate for my children and me. Something that they will always remember fondly, something they walk into after school and feel safe and loved. There are a few things I didn't have growing up, my mom was an alcoholic and had her own issues she couldn't deal with. Aside from that she did try to be the best mom she could, and through everything I still love her. Growing up I remember always being in a house that didn't match or had a ton of white or brown. It felt cozy only because it was home not because the colors were soothing, the pillows comfy, or the couch the best place to be.

Fast forward to my adult years, joining the Army, I end up again in rooms filled with very little color. White walls, gray desks, brown furniture and green blankets, all very blah and not at all cozy. While deployed to Iraq in 2008 I was determined to make it feel like home. Even though the home I knew was crashing down around my ears since my spouse and I had come to the conclusion that we should get divorced. And so hot pink curtains adorned my only window, a matching fleece blanket that was so very soft covered the bed along with a colorful comforter thanks to Target. And teal sheets brought some of my favorite color, blue, to the room.

Now I find myself back in Indianapolis, trying to scratch my creative itch. Scouring every Goodwill I see, it's become a treasure hunt, you never know what you'll find. The excitement of seeing something that others do not is a driving force as well as finding pieces that I feel represent me and my uniqueness. While also finding objects to create rooms that my children will love and help to decorate. My many loves for thrifting include milk glass, depression glass, furniture I can paint, vintage silverplate, vintage teacups, and colorful dinnerware to replace the old that was in my cupboards when the husband was with us. Part of my drive is due to the fact that once I came home from Iraq, a good portion of the furniture as well as all the kids' things were gone. And now it's time, time to rise up like a phoenix and start fresh. Banish all reminders of the past life and build a new one.